The History of The Lurline – Formerly Randwick Lodge

about us and the building

Restoring a State Heritage Treasure

We are a proudly owned family business who have a deep fascination with the building and its place in Randwick from when it was Australia’s largest city in the 1800s.

Randwick Lodge was first purchased by Judge Thomas Callaghan on the 16th of December 1853.

From 1895 to 1898 The Lurline was used as a house and Post office before the present Post Office in Randwick was opened.

On the 20th of June 1890, three allotments in Avoca Street and 22 allotments in Mears Avenue were advertised for sale. The entire subdivision was conveyed to Eliza Milford Callaghan and Mary Milford Jones, widow and daughter of Thomas Callaghan.

The building in 1898 bears most significance to its current form. Prior to serving as boutique accommodation in Randwick, the property at this time comprised of two semi-detached mansions in the late Victorian style and constructed in that year.

In recognition of its historical significance, in 1988 the building was allocated protection under the Heritage Act to preserve and protect a significant heritage item in NSW.

On the 2nd of April 1999 it was placed on the State Heritage Register.

The Family Owned Building Today

Although we purchased the building following it succumbing to fires in 1995, we have restored the building to its original condition as best as possible to pay homage to its Victorian era whilst placing the utmost importance on comfort and connecting with our surrounding community, and providing the most comfortable and memorable boutique accommodation in Randwick.

Formerly Randwick Lodge, you will notice the prominent features of The Lurline building photographed and framed not only on this website but throughout the building.

The name ‘The Lurline’ reflects the old world contemporary beauty of the building, named after the famous luxury ship SS Lurline that shored Sydney Harbour in the early 20th century. A local suburb, Lurline Bay, near Coogee Beach is also named after the vessel. In the same way the boat was a means of transportation, our role and goal is to transport our travellers into an environment of relaxation where comfort, service and great community partnerships are of utmost importance.

The unique nature of this being a family business is members of the family have designed and developed the website, the photos throughout the building, and its homely touches are created or curated by the family.

We hope you are as taken with The Lurline, its history and of course our staff as we are. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Memories are meant to be revisited. We invite you to experience The Lurline and create a piece of history of your own.